Setting Manager Screen

* The screen appearance is subject to change without notice.

  1. Device

    Tap to perform following operations.

    • Select a Symbio to control or to change the name.
    • Display information on Symbio(s) currently connected.
    • Update firmware of Symbio(s) currently connected.
    • Select whether to enable Talkback function on Live Video while the lens cover is closed.
    • Choose the behavior of the LED dim feature. You can have the front LED always lit, never lit or base it on the brightness of the room.
    • Display information on the Wi-Fi network to which Symbio is connected. You can also change the Wi-Fi from the same page.
    • Set the time zone for Symbio.
    • Set the unit of temperature displayed on the app.
  2. Account

    Tap to perform following operations.

    • Change your mobile device name.
    • Display the login screen.
    • Display the screen to add a user on a guest account. This will send an invitation code to a provided email address that the new user can use to pair to Symibo as a guest.*
    • Display the screen to change permissions for other devices.*
    • Delete other mobile devices paired to your Symbio.*

    * Available only for the administrator.

  3. Service

    Tap to select the account service screen.


    • When you are buying a service, your personal information will be transferred to a website of the service supplier. Please note that TVS REGZA Corporation bears no responsibility for issues regarding your personal information.
  4. Modes

    Tap to perform the following operations.

    • Enable/Disable a custom mode.*
    • Change the mode name.*
    • Change the color or icon for each mode.*
    • Enable/Disable a Rule


    • * This is not availible for default modes of Home, Sleep or Away.
  5. Zones

    Displays the registered zone list.

    Tap the zone name to change the name or the zone's background photo.


    • You can only choose a photo from those available in the app.

    By tapping Add Zone... you can add other zones to your device. See Using Zones for more information.

  6. Sensors

    Displays the sensors manager.

    Sensors Manager screen

  7. Camera

    Tap to perform following operations.

    • Change the camera resolution
    • Specify the area for motion detection
    • Specify the time length for one-touch recording
    • Change the sensitivity and area for motion detection. Symbio detects motion by calculating the percentage of pixels changed in a designated window. You can change the window in which Symbio will look for motion and how sensitive it should be to trigger a motion detection.
  8. Audio

    Tap to select the volume adjustment screen.

    • Change Master Volume
    • Change Talkback Volume
    • Change Siren Length and Siren Volume
    • Change Bluetooth Speaker Volume
    • Add a Bluetooth device
  9. Amazon Alexa

    Tap to log in to/log out from Amazon Alexa.

  10. Alexa Skills Setup

    Tap to receive pairing code to enable to the Toshiba skills. See Setting up Toshiba Custom Skills for more information.

  11. Loud Noise Detection

    Tap to adjust the noise detection level. The farther left the slider, the less sound will be neccessary to trigger a loud noise detection.

  12. How to Use

    Tap to access the How to Use page.

  13. Terms of Use

    Tap to access the Terms of Use page.

  14. Privacy Policy

    Tap to access the Privacy Policy page.

  15. Service Support

    Tap to access the Support page.

  16. Contact us

    Tap to access you can send an inquiry email.

  17. App Version

    The version of app is displayed.

  18. Initialize App

    Tap to reset the app. Information about all connected Symbios will be deleted from the app.


    • This cannot be reversed.