Utilizing modes is the first step in making your Symibo smarter. You can automate you motion detector, turn off your lights or change your thermostat by the tap of a button.

By default there are three standard modes, Home, Sleep and Away, and you can add an additional three custom modes.

From the Home Screen you can easily change the mode by tapping on the corresponding icon. For example, we could change to the sleep mode by pressing the button below.

Creating a Custom Mode

  1. Tap on the Home screen.

  2. Tap Modes.

  3. Tap Custom1 or any of the custom mode buttons.

  4. Tap the Enable switch on.

  5. Your custom mode is now enabled, feel free to change the name by tapping the Name button or the icon by its corresponding button.

  6. From here you can easily activiate any desired rules. For more information see Rules.