1. Lens cover

    Can be rotated to cover and turn off the video camera.

  2. Volume down button

    Press to decrease the volume.

  3. Volume indicator

    Dots lights up as the volume is changed.

  4. Microphone mute/Talk button

    Press to turn off the microphones. The icon will turn red when the microphones are off. Press again to turn them back on.

    Press and hold this button for 2 seconds to wake up Alexa, then talk directly to your Symbio.

  5. Volume up button

    Press to increase the volume.

  6. Microphone holes

    Used for voice operations.

  7. Camera

    Used for monitoring.

  8. Night vision LED

    Infrared LED for night vision.

  9. Light ring

    Lights up in different colors to let you know what Symbio is doing.

    Light Ring Status

  10. Camera indicator

    Lights up when the camera is on.

  11. Speaker

    Emits sound when playing back an audio source.